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A picture of the Calculator project.

Featured Project


Calculator with support for basic operations, decimal inputs, recurring decimals, negative number inputs and chaining operations.
Tested using Cypress and usable on PC or mobile.

A picture of the client project.

Featured Project

_nology Student Platform

Student management platform built for _nology.
Allows you to view, edit, add or delete students from a database.
Made alongside an agile team of 6 in weekly sprints in 4 weeks.

A picture of the Battleship project.

Featured Project


Face against the computer in a daring game of chance as you attempt to locate and sink each other's ships.
Playable on PC and mobile.

A picture of the Malignant Kingdom game.

Featured Project

Malignant Kingdom

A Java adventure game playable via the console.
You are a criminal, tossed in jail for serious crimes against the realm.
Can you escape your fate and survive this malignant kingdom?

A picture of the Punk API project.

Featured Project

Brewdog API Beer Selector

An application which pulls information about beers from the Brewdog Punk API and filters the data based on user mandated search input and checkbox selection.
Compatible with PC and mobile.

A picture of the Hangman project.

Featured Project


Guess a random word generated from the Random Word API.
Can you guess correctly before all your lives are lost?
Playable on PC and mobile.

A picture of the Morse Code Translator project.

Featured Project

Morse Code Translator

Morse code translator, capable of converting English to Morse code and vice versa.
Tested using Jest.
Compatible with PC and mobile.

A picture of the Simple Chemistry App project.

Featured Project

Simple Chemistry App

A Windows application, written in Python that:

Displays information about the chemical elements from a database.
Automates conversion between mass and mole fraction for a mixture of up to 4 compounds.

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